The members of NWF have decades of experience as soccer players, team managers, general managers, league management, branding, monetization, and investment in the soccer world. The consultancy of NWF can provide this expertise to almost all levels of professional and amateur soccer, from amateur and professional league formation, stadium finance, team operations, and legal compliance including issues under the FIFA regulations. Among our strategic partners for the consulting arm is one of the top sports economists in the world who is also university professor with a study on the intersection of money, statistics and football.

Club Operation

Our personnel have years of experience in operating professional football teams and academies and can advise those either starting a new club or improving an existing one.  Services can range from sending personnel in to review the operations to hiring and providing an entire staff for a new football enterprise.  Our available consultants have operated everything from professional football clubs to academies to youth teams, in the US and abroad.

Representative Matters

  • Advising a large youth soccer club on working with a large city in creating and managing a soccer park in a downtown environment on reclaimed previously industrial land.
  • Valuation of a professional soccer club prior to sale
  • Advising a professional soccer academy on production of higher-caliber players


Our team has experience in the management and operations of football-related businesses, from the teams themselves to athletic equipment to sports venues and facilities.  We can provide consultancy and potentially personnel to assist in the control and direction of a business and help focus strategic goals and business plans.  Because of our comprehensive range of services, we can supplement a change in management direction and add value at many levels of operation of a business.

Event Planning

Beyond handling a football match itself, we can arrange many events that occur around a friendly match or tournament.  Whether the travel arrangements needed for the team, to the setup and securement of the venue and necessary contracts and management, to fan events set up around the matches, we can handle all of these details.  The logistics surrounding a major football event can be harrowing, and in the worst case and impediment to the event itself.  NWF can remove this headache from our clients in part or full when they have events planned.

Representative Matters 

  • Currently arranging soccer transportation for teams to travel internationally to the Dallas Cup, the Mayor’s Cup, and for an academy tournament in New Zealand.
  • Arranging several international friendly matches in the US and Asia, and arranging all travel details for the traveling teams.