The New World Football Agency is focused on providing high quality and ethical representation to both players and teams. As agents, it is our deep conviction that we have an obligation to represent “the whole person” and always work for the player’s best interest, and not our own. We believe the player-agent relationship starts at the earliest stage possible. Within the US, as attorneys representing the top non-MLS youth soccer clubs, our agency has a steady pipeline and loyal audience of players and families that may become professional football players. We represent their clubs in a wide variety of legal matters, are held to a higher ethical standard than non-lawyer agents, and are trusted by the club leadership across the country to represent the players they produce. As part of the “whole person” concept, we believe it is our duty to prepare our clients and their families not only for life as a professional athlete, but also life post-football. New World Football Agency has strategic partnerships to help the athletes we represent, including dieticians, sports psychologists, investment bankers, a credit specialist, fitness experts, a PHD and former Professor of Sport’s Management at Rice University, and also offers a player-to pro mentorship program. The CEO of the Agency, Aaron Jacob, is an experienced and trusted agent worldwide.

Our History

Our Agency represents, either directly or with other Agents, over hundreds of top quality professional football players. We also occasionally represent teams seeking to find the right players for their team. We also can coordinate with third parties as well to arrange the best transactions for all parties.
We represent a wide range of football players, from established senior professionals to young and upcoming talent. We representplayers that play in the US/Canada and abroad. We have extensive contacts with MLS clubs and United Soccer League (USL) (Division 2) with the US and Canada and foreign players agents regularly contact us first for players seeking play in North America.
We also specialize in negotiating and renegotiating playing and commercial contracts, and we are considered as one of the most focused and effective player/agent representation firms in the soccer industry.

Representative Matters
• Representing a Brazilian nation team player for placement with a top-level European or Chinese club

• Representing a former US men’s national team player in seeking a return to the US and MLS
• Representation of a US women’s nation team player in both agency and branding


Through Aaron, who is a licensed FIFA match agent, our Agency can organize a Pre-Season match, or series of friendly matches with professional clubs in the United States, our Agency will coordinate with teams and hosting entities to plan, prepare, and organize their entire schedule and timetable, including the one or more football matches that take place.
The Agency also has available as a consultant Inaki Alvarez, the former Director of Operations of CONCACAF and Deputy Director and Head of Event Management at FIFA. Mr. Alvarez brings year of international experience in arranging matches and tournaments on the biggest stage in the world. He also has significant experience in navigating the international issues surrounding football matches.
The Agency will liaise with all third parties, and where necessary, arrange international and domestic flights, as well as organize every detail to include for professional teams luxury transport, hotels, and even pre-instructed meals and nutritional support for your convenience. The Agency can even provide an on-site personal representative/communications expert that is available 24/7 to assist a team in its visit.

Representative Matters
• Setting up a MLS preseason cup in a Southern city that involves 2 MLS teams and 2 European teams in friendly tournament and arranging all travel details for the European teams.

• Negotiating several international matches in an Asian destination for multiple national teams, and working with multiple national football associations, teams, and entities in a collaborative effort to arrange the matches
• Arranging an international tour for several A-League teams