New World Football has an in-house branding arm led by Lance Reich with his 25 years of experience creating dominant brands in various industries ranging from wine and spirits to technology, football, textiles, manufacturing and outdoor products.  The Branding and Marketing team can leverage NWF’s contacts and unite those seeking sponsorships and potential sponsors, and can do so at the betterment of all parties, giving our clients discounts on advertising that would not be able to obtain themselves, and allowing our Branding group to profit from the supply of sponsorships and advertisements in bulk to events and venues.

New World Football Branding has a strategic partnership with the Los Angeles-based branding and marketing firm known as Kampagn L.A.  Kampagn delivers first class content, community engagement and lifestyle branding on the latest and most influential media platforms.  Our combined branding and marketing endeavors create unique and influential campaigns to formulate valuable brands out of marketable athletes in order to provide them with residual income and draw attention to the professional football teams for which they play.  Moreover, the New World Football Family has direct access to 100,000 football-loving families which creates a known grassroots audience for our clients and brands.