New World Football™ LLC is the parent entity of a unique business model in the American football/soccer landscape. Founded by Cory Roth and Lance Reich, two lawyers with a love for the beautiful game, NWF has an extensive network in the US and international football world that benefits from the unique combination of the company’s in-house player agency (headed by Aaron Jacob), branding and marketing, law group, consultancy and investments. The NWF family is a boutique, one-stop-shop addressing all of our clients’ needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new world of football by always performing exceptional work, thinking outside of the box, never saying “no” to an opportunity before completing our due-diligence, relentlessly fighting for the underdog, never forgetting where we came from, and treating everyone with dignity and respect. We are a unique boutique one-stop-soccer-shop that can and will meet every client’s need by utilizing our expertise and leveraging our relationships and extensive network to connect the right people for the right projects. Ultimately, it is our mission and goal to take our clients to the next level.