New World Football™ LLC is the parent entity of a unique business model in the American football/soccer landscape. Founded by Cory Roth and Lance Reich, two lawyers with a love for the beautiful game, NWF has an extensive network in the US and international football world that benefits from the unique combination of the company’s in-house player agency (headed by Aaron Jacob), branding and marketing, law group, consultancy and investments. The NWF family is a boutique, one-stop-shop addressing all of our clients’ needs.

Our History

The New World Football Family was not formed overnight. Rather, it took years of brainstorming, networking and hard work before attorneys Roth and Reich decided to join forces to forge a new world of football in the United States and abroad. Our story begins when Mr. Roth was hired to represent a youth soccer club located in the State of Oregon that had training and developed a talented professional soccer player. Mr. Roth was hired because his client was not paid the training compensation it was owed under the FIFA Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players once that player was professionally signed in Europe. Despite tremendous adversity to these fees in the American system, including being threatened by the player’s agent, his new club, the union for clubs in Holland, and the United States Soccer Federations, Mr. Roth persisted in seeking justice for the Oregon club. In view of the popular opposition to training compensation and solidarity fees in the US, Roth reached out to a journalist who became interested in writing a story on the topic – and he was.
(https://sports.vice.com/en_us/article/nzpgjg/a-nasty-fight-is-brewing-over-us-soccers-bizarre-policy-on-training-fees). From moment one, Mr. Roth was inspired by world famous football law attorney Jean-Louis Dupont, and his goal was to win this case so that it could be known as “The American Bosman.”

One year later, Mr. Reich was in a similar situation when a club he represents in the State of Washington sought a solidarity payment for the transfer of a player from a Major League Soccer club to Tottenham Hotspur that it helped develop.
(https://www.si.com/planet-futbol/2015/06/29/us-soccer-youth-club-compensation-crossfire-deandre-yedlin-mls-fifa) Reich reached out to Roth, and the collaboration began. Over the next few years, Roth and Reich would become the primary attorneys in United States history to file training compensation and solidarity claims in the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber. Their strategic use of the media to tell their client’s stories not only swayed the general public’s opinion from being staunchly against the FIFA training compensation and solidary rules to passionately supporting them, but Roth and Reich also convinced many MLS general managers, the Commissioner of MLS, and the President of US Soccer to announce their support for implementing the rules that Roth and Reich fought for years to enforce.

Since beginning their collaboration, Roth and Reich attended conventions and meetings across the United States. They networked with some of the most influential people in the game and created incredible relationships and strategic partnerships. Most importantly, Roth and Reich never lost track of what brought them together – fighting for their clients. As New World Football LLC, they now represent numerous youth soccer clubs in the nation, including the top 20 non-MLS development academies, and have direct access to over 100,000 soccer-loving families, and their footprint is rapidly growing.

Eventually, the US youth soccer cases caught the attention of several people important people in the American soccer community who now regularly reach out to Roth and Reich to endorse not only our fight, but also our fighting style. Our cases caught the attention of two of the top football lawyers in the world: Jean-Louis Dupont and Juan de Dios. Roth and Reich ultimately met Mr. Dupont to meet them in New York to discuss the fight of the American youth soccer clubs. Dupont stated that many in Europe viewed Reich and Roth as the pioneers seeking to improve US soccer, and that there is no reason why, if the parties united, they couldn’t be top lawyers, agents and ultimately, a top football company in the United States.

Three-and-a-half hours later, Roth and Reich walked out of the midtown Manhattan skyscraper and decided to form New World Football LLC. Dupont, also known as ‘the Bosman lawyer,’ of the law firm Roca Junyent is now our ‘Of Counsel’ on select football related matters, as is Swiss attorney Roberto Dellafior of the law firm of NaterDellafioreRechtsanwälte AG.

In 2018, Aaron Jacob and AJF Agency joined the NWF family to create the New World Football Agency and greatly expand the services NWF can offer. Aaron is also a licensed FIFA match agent which gives NWF the ability to promote international friendly football matches.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a new world of football by always performing exceptional work, thinking outside of the box, never saying “no” to an opportunity before completing our due-diligence, relentlessly fighting for the underdog, never forgetting where we came from, and treating everyone with dignity and respect. We are a unique boutique one-stop-soccer-shop that can and will meet every client’s need by utilizing our expertise and leveraging our relationships and extensive network to connect the right people for the right projects. Ultimately, it is our mission and goal to take our clients to the next level.